اجمل 50 ستاتي بالانجليزيةستاتي جديد بالانجليزيةستاتي شرات ومعاني بالانجليزيستاتيات عن التغيير بالانجليزية

50 ستاتي جديد روعة بالانجليزية عن التغيير – الجوكر العربي

50 ستاتي جديد روعة بالانجليزية عن التغيير 50 ستاتي جديد عن التغيير بالانجليزية مكتوب جاهز للنسخ والنشر 2020, اجمل ستاتيات شرات ومعاني هبال بالانجليزية عن المتغيرين للاصدقاء والاحباب والعائلة 2021
50 ستاتي جديد روعة بالانجليزية عن التغيير 2021 - الجوكر العربي
50 ستاتي جديد روعة بالانجليزية عن التغيير – الجوكر العربي

50 ستاتي جديد عن التغيير بالانجليزية مكتوب جاهز للنسخ والنشر 2020, اجمل ستاتيات شرات ومعاني هبال بالانجليزية عن المتغيرين للاصدقاء والاحباب والعائلة

1-To finally move on and start something new, you must release the unchangeable past and embrace your future.
2-If Nothing ever Changed, There’d Be No Butterflies.
3-The only reason people hold on to memories so tight is because they’re the only things that don’t change when everything else does.
4-No matter how much you change, you still got to pay the price for the things you’ve done.
5-When you think people change, think again…it’s not always that they have changed, it’s that you never even knew who they really were
6-When you look into a mirror, and don’t know the person whose looking back at you, its time to change.
7-Life doesn’t change, but people do. So learn to accept that not everybody is who you thought you knew.
8-One of the biggest lessons that I have learned in this life is how futile it is to fight inevitability. Life is change; if we stop changing, we stop growing. Life is never going to go exactly the way that you want it to. Something is always waiting to pop up and bite you. The more that you attempt to make life go your way the more that it won’t. Your life will be so much more peaceful and smooth if you just learn to stop swimming upstream.
9-When people tell you you’ve changed, it’s only because you stopped acting the way they want you to act.
10-People don’t change, their priorities do.
11-You can’t change how people feel about you, so don’t try. Just live your life and be happy.
12-If you accept the expectations of others, especially the negative ones, then you will never change the outcome.
13-Things change before you even realize what you had.
14-You can’t change the truth, but the truth can change you.
15-Nothing is worse than missing an opportunity that could have changed your life.
16-Life doesn’t come with a remote. You have to get up and change it yourself.
17-Don’t you hate it when things change just when you started loving the way things are now?
18-Understand that people change and sometimes they’re no longer compatible with our lives. We just have to learn to accept it and move on.
19-Don’t be too organized for your future. Life is unpredictable. Things change.
20-When somebody says you’ve changed, it’s only because you stopped living your life their way.
21-You can change your mind but you can never change what’s inside your heart
22-If you keep doing the same thing, you’ll keep getting the same result. Change inspires change.
23-Some people don’t really change much… They just get better at making people believe they have…
24-To many days i wonder what i could have done in the past, to change who i am today.
25-Things in life are going to change. It’s not about the changes it’s about how you react to these changes, accept these changes and understand things change for a reason and usually it’s for the better.
26-Before you utter a complaint, remember someone didn’t wake up today. Change your complaint to a praise.
27-There are two reasons why people change. First, they’ve learned a lot. Second, they’ve been hurt too much.
28-You change for two reasons: either you learn enough that you want to or you’ve been hurt enough that you have to.
29-People change, stuff goes wrong, but just remember, life goes on.
30-Before you try to change others, remember how hard it is to change yourself.
31-Everything happens for a reason and people change like the seasons.
32-The key to change is to let go of fear.
33-If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.
34-You were born with the ability to change someone’s life, don’t waste it.
35-remember…… change your surroundings before they change you
36-People don’t change because you want them to. People change because they want to. They have to find that desire to change on their own and in their own time.
37-I don’t think people change who they are but become who they want to be.
38-Just because you turn your back doesn’t mean your shadow has to change.
39-Anger, resentment and jealousy doesn’t change the heart of others, it only changes yours.
40-Every encounter is an opportunity. If we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll always get what we’ve always got. Life is all about change.
41-The hardest choice in life is usually between what you want, and what you deserve.
42-You can’t always change someone. Sometimes ,you have to either accept who they are, or learn to live without them.
43-Accept what you can’t change – change what you can’t accept.
44-There are two types of PAIN in this world. PAIN that hurts you. PAIN that changes you…
45-people don’t really let us down, it’s what we think of them that does. and no matter how much we try, we cannot change that, we cannot change them.
46-in life we cant change people the only thing we can do is change who we allow in our circle, if they are true and real then there worth staying if not tell them keep it moving.
47-Don’t be afraid of change. You may end up losing something good, but you’ll probably end up gaining something so much better.
48-Weaknesses are to be managed, not changed. Instead of focusing on what was left out, concentrate on what was left in.
49-Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has
50-Change is something that many people fear, but we never should really fear if the change is for the better.
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