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اجمل عبارات انجليزية جديدة عن الازعاج والمزعجين – الجوكر العربي

اجمل عبارات انجليزية جديدة عن الازعاج والمزعجين 2021 - الجوكر العربي
اجمل عبارات انجليزية جديدة عن الازعاج والمزعجين – الجوكر العربي

عبارات واقتباسات انجليزية جديدة عن الازعاج 2021, اقتباسات واتس اب وانستقرام وفيس بوك بالانجليزي

170 من اجمل عبارات وكلمات انجليزية عن الازعاج والمزعجين . اقتباسات و ستاتوسات واتس اب وانستقرام انجليزية اضافة الى اجمل بوستات وكلمات واقوال بالانجليزي للفيس بوك وستاتيات وشرات ومعاني انجليزية قصف وكلاش للمزعجين
  • 1-It amuses me how some people are always ready to comment on other people’s life when they have more problems…Style up…Clean your mess first…
  • 2-Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.
  • 3-Once you start to dislike someone, everything they do begins to annoy you.
  • 4-Sorry, kid, I’m not a toilet. I don’t have to take your crap willingly.
  • 5-Why do gas stations advertise their prices with a 9/10 at the end? does that really help sell more gas?
  • 6-May I kill you in the morning?
  • 7-If you’re going to act like an idiot demanding attention you better be prepared to handle …all… the attention you’re going to get…Good and bad!!!
  • 8-Why does mineral water that has ‘trickled through mountains for centuries’ have a ‘Use By’ date?
  • 9-Instead of cashiers saying ‘here’s your receipt’ they should say ‘will you throw this away for me?’
  • 10-You ever notice that ‘The’ and ‘IRS’ together is ‘Theirs’? Coincidence? I think not!
  • 11-May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits and may your arms be too short to scratch…Thank you and have a nice day…
  • 12-Yes I’m mean, so what and if you don’t like it then don’t talk to me because i never said you had to…Did I?
  • 13-DANGER: I’m Pissed off!!!
  • 14-Does anyone else get bothered by that last inch the shower curtain wont cover?
  • 15-I think that getting struck by lightning is the worst way to die. Its like God’s drive by shooting.

اجمل ستاتوسات انجليزية عن الازعاج 2021, ستاتوسات واتس اب وفيس بوك انجليزية

  • They say things will be better tomorrow! Well, I have checked the calendar 3 flipping times and have yet to find a day marked Tomorrow!!!
  • Doesn’t expecting the unexpected make the unexpected become the expected?
  • When it comes down to it, it’s not hard to figure out who your real friends are…It’s all about distinguishing the liars from those who are honest…
  • I hate it when I’m telling a story to a group of people, and the one person I really don’t want to listen is the only one listening.
  • Do you ever wonder why W is called Double U, when it’s clearly Double V?
  • Do fish get thirsty?
  • The next person to piss me off had better come prepared with a body bag!
  • Is singing ‘if you’re angry and you know it punch their face’
  • If you need to change to meet someones expectations, they probably aren’t good enough for you anyway…
  • There are stupid questions.
  • Beauty is skin deep, but ugly is to the bone
  • Just because i put up a status saying something random, does not mean its about you! and if you think it is, then it must be what u think of yourself(:
  • Do you ever drop something and instead of picking it back up you just stare at on the ground and think about what a failure you are?
  • I’m in my happy place . . . PLEASE DON’T RUIN IT!
  • I can please only one person per day…Today is not your day…Tomorrow isn’t looking good either…
  • Why do bras and batteries come in the same sizes?
  • what makes you think I’m not happy I’m just a ray of freaking sunshine
  • I’m not some toy you can play with whenever you feel like it…Either make me a priority or I wont be an option!!!
  • It amazes me how so many people who preach God and go to church and say luv all and not 2 judge people are so many times the biggest hypocrites and sinners of them all!!!
  • I can please only one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn’t looking good either.

بوستات انجليزية عن الاشخاص المزعجين للفيس بوك والانستقرام والواتس اب

Why is it acceptable for people to be idiots but not acceptable for me to point it out?
How old is too old to build a tree house?
I am a nice person, if you don’t think so then think about what you have done and how you have treated me…
Why do restaurants offer appetizers ‘ don’t you already have an appetite if you’re there?
i can only please one person a day, and apparently today is not your day… but who’s f*ing day is it?
Sometimes one middle finger isn’t enough to let someone know how you feel. That’s why you have two hands.
Ive tried and tried and now I give up. I refuse to be the perfect friend to people that cant treat me with the same respect.
Why is Greenland made of ice and Iceland made of green grass?
Knows there’s a name for people like you.
I would not have to manage my anger if people would manage their stupidity.
Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts. Others come into our lives and make us wanna leave footprints on their face.
I just don’t care if anyone doesn’t like me I wasn’t put on earth to entertain everyone.
I may be a VERY tolerant and patient person, but everyone has their breaking point, and you best watch out when I reach mine…
I will not delete you or block you. I am keeping you there so you will be able to see how happy I’m without you.
For the people who think they are better than everyone, remember that you wouldn’t have gotten to where you are without the help of someone…

عبارات واتس اب عن الازعاج بالانجليزي

Do you want to be right or happy?
You think that you have damaged me but really you just made me that much more stronger Thank You
How come people never get talker’s block?
It takes a lot of energy to get angry. I don’t care to use my energy that way.
He who laughs last obviously did not get the joke
If you don’t like where you are, change it! If you can’t change it, deal with it and stop complaining! Live, love, laugh, learn!!!
Artificial Intelligence is no match for Natural Stupidity
Don’t make promises when you’re happy. Don’t reply when you’re angry. Don’t make decisions when you’re sad. Don’t text when your drunk.
Acting all innocent doesn’t make you an angel. Other people might be deceived but don’t try that with me…
How come you never read about a psychic winning the lottery?

ستاتيات فيس بوك انجليزية عن الازعاج

  • People really should know ALL of the parts of a story instead of just bits and pieces before they jump to conclusions and assumptions…
  • I text you because I want to have a conversation with you. Not to get one word answers.
  • I hate liars…I hate thieves…I hate two faced people…If you are one please don’t waste my time talking to me…
  • Airplanes may kill you, but they ain’t likely to hurt you.
  • Everything happens for a reason…So don’t be surprised when I punch you in the face…remember, I HAD A REASON!!!
  • What’s the opposite of opposite?
  • Do you ever feel bad about not feeling bad about something you should feel bad about?
  • Legally changing my name to Hugh Jass
  • Is there any nice way to tell a person how much you hate them???
  • You should have two Facebook accounts. One for each face.
  • I can be the best friend you’ll ever have or the last enemy you’ll ever make…
  • Is getting close to just walking away’
  • Having one of those days where I just want to say……Next problem this way please…I can only handle one of you at a time so please wait your turn…..
  • If you don’t know or understand the situation because of your own clouded judgement of it, then you don’t have the right to have an opinion…
  • Did you ever just want to slap the stupid out of someone’
  • Why are you always the only one in your house that knows how to put a new toilet paper roll on the holder?
  • Some people will pretend to care just so they can get a better seat to watch your struggle. Every helping hand is not always there to help.
  • If you hate haters, are you a hater?
  • Finds it kinda funny that people have to cross the same bridge’s they tried to BURN! KARMA IS A BITCH! – just saying!
  • You can’t trust anybody these days’you think you have a good friend till you turn around and realize they have the knife 6 inches deep in your back.
  • Sometimes life seems like it would be easier if you could just sit in a corner and bang your head against a wall…
  • Did you ever notice the people who say money isn’t everything are usually really rich?
  • Don’t chat with me just when you’re bored. Bitch please! My name is not Adam Lambert. I’m not here for your entertainment.
  • I’ve come to realize that the easiest way to deal with people is to assume that common sense, or any sense at all, does not exist…
  • One of the most destructive weapons known to mankind is the human tongue…If YOU didn’t see or hear it, don’t start it!!!
  • You’re a dude and you’re mad at me for not telling you it was my birthday? Why are we friends again?
  • Don’t make so many promises when you can’t even keep one.
  • If you try and don’t succeed, cheat. Repeat until caught. Then lie.
  • Welcome! I’m the doormat…Please feel free to take advantage of me, wipe your crap on me and move along like nothing happened…Why not? Everyone else does!!!
  • Anger is a feeling that makes your mouth work faster than your mind.

حالات واتس اب عن الازعاج بالانجليزية 2021

if u talk about me, u r thinking of me. if u say mean things, u r jealous of me, if u make people choose between us, you must know I am WAY more awesome than u!
I am nobody. Nobody is perfect. Therefore, I am perfect!
You can talk all you want about me behind my back, it just shows you don’t have the guts to say it to my face!!!
Wherever I go, people are waving at me. Maybe if I do a good job, they’ll use all their fingers.
Let the haters keep on hating, let the players keep on playing, and let me do my own thing and you stay out if my business.! Thank you and have a great day!!!
hates when people talk too much.
Nobody says ?long story short? unless it’s already too late
Ya know what I hate. Being ignored! If you don’t want to talk to me anymore then just tell me and quit beating around the bush.
I’m gonna come back as a bird in my next life. There are just some people who I feel deserve a little of their own medicine.
Doesn’t like being a sometimes friend to people who only talk to me or spend time with me when they want something…

اقتباسات بالانجليزي عن الازعاج والمزعجين 2021 عبارات واتس اب انجليزية

  • 1-Say’s I’m often underestimated because people see me as a nice quiet person,be warned keep pushing and you will see the other side of me !!!
  • 2-Do you ever look through old pictures and wonder, ‘Where the hell did that shirt go?’
  • 3-is it just me or is it national …your an asshole… day
  • 4-I have decided to stop trying to build friendships with people who frankly aren’t worth the effort…If you get deleted you will know you are one of them!!!
  • 5-Maybe you should leave and find your own solar system because here on Earth the world doesn’t revolve around YOU!!!
  • 6-Seriously, I don’t have the energy to deal with anyone else’s neurotic episodes, I barely have the energy to deal with mine ;P
  • 7-People that honk in traffic jams are also probably really good at yelling at rocks.
  • 8-I don’t like judgemental people…Is your life REALLY that perfect? You have NO idea what people are going through in their lives, so think before you speak…
  • 9-If you are going to be offended by other peoples opinions then maybe you should consider keeping yours to yourself…
  • 10-Why do some products state, ‘Not recommended for children over 12 years of age’ ‘ aren’t people over 12 years of age not children?
  • 11-If a tree falls in the woods’ Do all the other trees laugh at it?
  • 12-If two wrongs don’t make a right, try three.
  • 13-Did you ever notice how a woman’s ‘I’ll be ready in 5min’ and a guys ‘I’ll be home in 5min’ are one and the same?
  • 14-You stand there and smile, then when you leave you talk shit behind my back…Don’t think I don’t know about it…
  • 15-There is no excuse for cheating in a relationship.
  • 16-Ever been so irritated and annoyed that you want to pull your hair out, stab yourself in the eye, and scream at the top of your lungs all at the same time?
  • 17-There are no words to describe the anger and frustration that I am feeling right now.
  • 18-i love you so much but you treat me the way I’m not a Post to be treated and when i miss family you have to be a dickhead omg I’m sick of it
  • 19-If you drop hand sanitizer on the floor, does it clean the floor or does the floor get it dirty?
  • 20-Some people need to open their small minds instead of their big mouths.
  • 21-Before you start blaming other people for your problems, maybe you should look in the mirror and see that its not them, it’s you!!!
  • 22-Don’t invite annoying people into your life, and set ground rules for the ones you inherited.  
  • 23-For one day I wish when someone gave me an excuse I didn’t hear the BULLSHIT bell ringing every time!!!
  • 24-If everything you say is a lie, are you telling the truth, or lying?
  • 25-There are three kinds of people in the world; ones that can count and ones that can’t count.

اقوال وكلمات عن المزعجين بالانجليزية 2021 حالات واتس اب انجليزية

My silence doesn’t mean that I quit’ It simply means that I don’t want to argue with people who just don’t want to understand..
Telling someone to calm down just makes them so much more angry.
Do you ever get the feeling that you would like to reach out and just choke someone’
If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea’ does that mean that one enjoys it?
What goes around comes around. That’s what people say. So all the pain you caused me will come back to you someday.
Why is the number 11 not pronounced ‘onety-one’?
I would Hold you in my Arms, and Climb the Highest Mountain…Reach the Top, Push you Off, Look Down and Laugh my Head Off!!!
Definition of EX: Thanks for the EXperience. Our time has EXpired. Now EXit my life.
Some people are only alive because it is illegal to shoot them.
People shouldn’t jump to conclusions or assume things they know nothing about!!!
I don’t regret my past. I just regret the time I have wasted with the wrong people.
How come when socks come out of the dryer, there’s only one of each?
Why do people always say ‘no offense’ right before they offend you?
Isn’t it funny how people say they’re tired of the drama and stress from people, but yet they are the ones who are creating it
If you see a pretty woman walking by herself it’s because she wants to.
I wonder if butterflies get humans in their stomach when they’re anxious?
Do you brush your teeth without making a mess like in the commercials? Because I usually look like I have minty fresh rabies’
There’s no way I was ever as annoying of a kid as the kids I meet now are.
It’s awkward as an adult to get unsolicited help from a crossing guard.
People bug me sometimes! But I still love them even though I want to put a squirt gun to their head push the trigger and stick them out side to freeze…
Are oranges named orange because they’re orange or is orange called orange because oranges are orange?
Attitude and personality are two different things.
Some things can never be forgotten and nor forgiven.
You think your silence bothers me? It just proves to me that everything you ever said was a lie…thanks for making me realize that now…

اجمل عبارات فيس بوك بالانجليزية عن الازعاج 2021

  • What do you call a male ladybug?
  • Don’t be surprised if you ask me, …What are you thinking about?… And I reply, My mom told me …If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all……
  • You have a problem with me. I’m pretty sure a status on Facebook won’t fix it..
  • Some friends are like pennies. Two-faced and worthless.
  • Why is it so hard to find one person that won’t go behind your back and do something that I don’t want? Why is that always the way in life? It makes me so mad!!!
  • I have taken myself hostage. If you ever want to see me again, give me one hundred dollars.
  • At what point do people grow up, stop whining and realize they are capable of doing things without always having someone hold their hand?
  • Some people are shallow, some people are pricks but some people are just plain annoying…But guess what some people are all bloody three!!!
  • No one ever seems to realize that when someone says, ‘The last thing I want to do is hurt you,’ basically implies that there is a list and hurting you is on it.
  • Yeah, I will be there when you need me, but if you’re not there for me when I need you, then forget it…It doesn’t work like that for me anymore!!!
  • There are just some people who shouldn’t exist and if they are going to be allowed to exist then they should be Taxed extra for all the precious air they use…
  • Ignorance is a disease that is contagious if not treated quickly…Treatment: Punch ignorant people in the face at first sign of the disease…
  • What is it about paper towels that makes me always want to use more than one?
  • Age does not define you as an adult taking responsibility…Making right decisions, and your actions in different situations is what defines you as an adult!!!
  • Never regret something that once made you smile.
  • It’s a good thing I actually care and ask, if you’re going to be like that then I won’t ask anymore…
  • Screw Snapple I’m the best stuff on earth
  • Would like to say sorry! To all the people that I haven’t offended or pissed off today! Look at the bright side there’s always tomorrow!
  • You brought this on yourself when you messed with my family. Ain’t karma a bitch?
  • sometimes hearing the music is just the best way to ignore the world
  • Have you ever noticed anyone going slower than you is an idiot and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?
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